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May 16, 2006


Hemlock Ridge Golf Club is full of surprises


Last Monday, your favorite golf correspondent had the chance to play at Hemlock Ridge Golf Club in Sturbridge with former Southbridge softball coach Tom Kruczek. The nine-hole course located off Holland Road is a wide-open course that has its share of surprises.

The first thing you notice when you pull in is how green this course is. Most courses will admit that in May, being green is a luxury that can’t be taken for granted: many fairways in many courses have their share of brown or yellow because of the winter months. The folks at Hemlock Ridge know this. The fairways are pure green here, folks.

Your round will begin with a 308-yard par 4. This is a straight hole with a drop off after the tee, but beware of the water hazard Ñ shared with No. 9 Ñ at the bottom of the drop off on the right.

No. 2 is also a straight hole, but has an uphill approach to the green. Stay as left as possible, because if you go too far right, you’ll have to really chip hard uphill to get to the green. And if you overshoot from the right side, you may hit someone on the putting green, so stay left, okay kids?

The third hole is a fairly easy looking par 3. It’s downhill and 154 yards.

The fourth hole is a 447-yard dogleg left, and is the longer of the par 4’s. You are wide open here, but a nice drive to the small trees will set up your second shot nicely.

Hole No. 5 is also a dogleg, but beware that it closes up left. Try to stay right for a good look at the green.

Hole No. 6 is a good 471-yard straight par 5. I bogeyed this hole, so you know it’s easy (hardy har har). There are some rolling hills on this hole.

No. 7 is a 317-yard par 4. Also a dogleg left, use an iron off the tee to the bend, then hit away. Then it’s up the path to No. 8, a 170-yard par 3. There is a wall on the left side, so keep to the fairway if you’re a short hitter (hello, self).

And it ends with No. 9, a 515-yard par 5. Guh. I don’t want to relay how I did on this hole, but I stayed out of the water hazard at the bottom of the hill leading up to the green.

Have to keep the end of your round from being too easy, you know?

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